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Ginger Brown Café, South Hobart

My pal Bin and I love our brunch dates. We go out as often as we can for eggs, it’s our favourite thing to do together. Between us, we’ve sampled most of Hobart’s café scene, but today, we found a new favourite: Ginger Brown café in South Hobart.

Ginger Brown coffee Hobart

The café interior is cosy and filled with re-purposed vintage furniture, the staff are smiley and efficient, the coffee is spot on, and the food is just that little bit fancy, but not too fancy (know what I mean?)

When we arrived at 10am, we were pleased to have made a booking, as the place was PACKED. The atmosphere was buzzing, yet it was only early.

Cyclists in their lycra outside sipping lattes, mums with prams, a middle-aged group of well-dressed women, students with their MacBooks out, and a big family group lingering over their eggs.

I had a lot of trouble deciding what to go for – the all-day menu is fabulous:

Ginger Brown Menu Hobart

Ginger Brown Menu Hobart

After much contemplation, I went for the confit duck with buttermilk pancakes, egg, and maple-syrup bacon. Bin went for her usual – two poached eggs on toast with bacon and tomatoes.

We weren’t disappointed – the serves were huge!

Ginger Brown South Hobart

The confit duck was fantastic. My only complaint would be that the pancakes were a little sweet and doughy – I much prefer a more savoury crispy waffle. The bacon was drenched in maple syrup (this may have been better served on the side?) but otherwise it was spectacular. Rich, decadent and oh-so-filling. There was so much damn bacon on the plate that I just couldn’t finish – a rare occurrence for me, that’s for sure!

Ginger Brown South Hobart

Bin happily worked her way through her breakfast with no complaints whatsoever. Great eggs, nice bacon and lovely roasted tomatoes. She was impressed with the toast too.

I’m looking forward to returning to Ginger Brown café to sample the rest of the menu (once I’ve digested the confit duck breakfast – may take a good week before I eat again!)

Ginger Brown Cafe
464 Macquarie St,
South Hobart TAS 7004
(03) 6223 3531

4 thoughts on “Ginger Brown Café, South Hobart

  1. Confit duck for breakfast!? Yum. Sounds absolutely divine with the maple syrup and bacon. I love any sort of breakfast outing. Love the very international selection that they have at Ginger Brown, the black rice and kimchi options are calling me! Pity it’s a little far to go for a Perth girl… one day, possibly. Great review, thanks! x

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