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Tracks Café, New Town Station Nursery

I’ve been to the Tracks Café at New Town Station Nursery twice since my return from England for two reasons – first, it’s nice and local, and second, the coffee is spectacular. Plus, it’s such a gorgeous little oasis; having once been an old abandoned railway station, it’s now literally blooming with flowers and interesting-looking plants.

A proudly Tasmanian family-run business, New Town Station Nursery has been operating for almost 30 years and has won many awards and the admiration of the state’s top gardeners. My mother reckons it’s the best place to go gift-shopping too.

… oh, and did I mention the food?

Eggs Benedict Tracks Cafe

The Tracks Café menu includes breakfast goodies from 9 – 12, then lunch after that.

On my first visit, I went for the gorgeous Eggs Benedict ($17.50), served on organic sourdough bread with Ziggy’s bacon and a velvety hollandaise with a serve of mushrooms on the side. The eggs (free-range, of course!) were poached to perfection.

Orange and Almond Cake Tracks Cafe

I found it difficult to leave without sampling the gluten-free Orange and Almond Cake ($8.50), and I am so glad I did. The serve was on the seriously ridiculous side (HUGE!) and the dollop of whipped cream entirely unnecessary after such a large breakfast, but my goodness, it was delicious.

For my second visit, (lunch, this time) I opted for the Chicken & Leek pie ($18.00) from the Tracks Café menu, and wasn’t as impressed as my first visit, unfortunately. It was nice….. but just nice. For a pie (without any trimmings bar some dressed rocket salad) to cost $18.00, it’d want to be spectacular. Ho hum.

Tracks cafe menu


What to do when the main course doesn’t hit the mark? EAT MORE CAKE!

Orange Almond Cake Tracks Cafe New Town

In my opinion, a visit to Tracks Café is worth it just for the coffee and cake – it’s seriously good. Check them out next time you’re looking for somewhere a little different to enjoy a naughty afternoon snack.

Tracks Cafe at New Town Station Nursery
65 Bellevue Parade,
New Town, TAS 7008
(03) 6228 7705

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