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Roaring Grill, North Hobart

A special occasion warrants a special restaurant, and to celebrate my mother’s birthday this year we chose the Roaring Grill, on North Hobart’s Elizabeth Street.

Roaring Grill is the brainchild of Tony from neighbouring La Porchetta, and I’m sure after so many years serving local Tasmanians and visitors alike that Roaring Grill will be another Hobart success story. After hearing so many wonderful things from friends of mine, it was time to check it out!

The Roaring Grill is on the site of the old cocktail & tapas lounge, Onba, and is, in my opinion, a better addition to the Elizabeth Street strip. The menu is fairly classic steakhouse fare, with plenty of options right across the price spectrum to suit everyone.

To begin with, we ordered the combination Ribs & Wings plate ($22), and six Kilpatrick oysters ($21). The chef also sent out a potato croquette each as a taster (pardon the quality of these photos – the restaurant was dark and I was drunk).

Roaring Grill Hobart Oysters

Roaring Grill Hobart Ribs and Chicken

Roaring Grill Hobart potato croquette

What did I think of starters? Well, the ribs and wings were a little bland and uninspiring – certainly not finger-licking good (lucky we had little finger-dipping bowls!), and the Kilpatrick oysters were drowned in goopy sauce, I’m used to a lighter topping to let the taste of the oyster dominate – these were cloyingly sweet and a little disappointing. But, the potato croquette was light, crispy and tasty.

Moving right along to main course – my mother and I decided to share the All-Night Lamb Shoulder ($70), which was Greek-style, slow-roasted overnight with lemon and oregano. As our two optional sides, we went for one naughty (Mac & Cheese) and one nice (Seasonal Vegetables).

Roaring Grill Lamb Shoulder

Roaring Grill North Hobart

The lamb literally fell apart with one gentle poke. It was fragrant, tender, and perfectly cooked. We both struggled to finish the mammoth slab of meat, and opted to take the leftovers home. The sides were also a delight – the veggies were cooked to perfection, and the mac & cheese crispy on the outside and oh-so-cheesy on the inside.

Those of you who know me know that I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but the dessert menu looked too good to pass up. After a good half-hour of chatter and wine, we were ready for more. First up, Sugar-coated Donuts with Lemon Curd, Rhubarb Jam & Chantilly Cream ($15). The lemon-curd did a great job of spearing though the sweetness of the donuts with a little tang. Super good.

Roaring Grill donuts

Coffee-infused Creme Brûlée ($14) was up next, and this was silky smooth under the crackly top, and the Almond Biscotti added some much-needed texture and crunch.

Roaring Grill Creme Brulee

The Apple & Rhubarb Crumble with Wattleseed Ice-cream ($15) was as good as a crumble can be – simplicity is sometimes best.

Roaring Grill crumble

And, to finish off, an affogato ($12):

Roaring Grill affogato

The service throughout our meal was impeccable, the atmosphere (although loud) was also lovely. Great for groups and families – maybe not so great for couples wanting a little more intimacy though.

Yeah, I know it’s a steakhouse, but the lack of vegetarian options on the menu was a little disappointing. Alright if you’re happy to eat a salad, but there didn’t appear to be any ‘proper’ main meals except a vegetable skewer.

Even though the starters were a little off-the-mark, I’d absolutely return to Roaring Grill in North Hobart for another meal – I’d just make sure none of my friends were vegetarian first!


4 thoughts on “Roaring Grill, North Hobart

  1. Just got back from Tassie. Your recommendation of “Smolt” was spot on. Thanks for that. We’re hoping to go back maybe Feb. next year. Perhaps Roaring Grill will be a dinner destination.

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