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Five best breakfast foods on the go


We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Providing vital nutrients to kick start our metabolisms and get us ready for everything that the day has in store.

However, all too often we forgo this vital feed in favour of a few extra minutes in bed. So if you want to have all of the benefits of breakfast without having to give it any extra time, here are five quick ideas for people on the go.

1. Home made muesli bars

If you’ve got a little bit of time on a Sunday, making a batch of home made muesli bars is the perfect way to prepare yourself for the week ahead. As simple as making flapjacks, the great thing about making your own muesli bars is that it gives you the freedom to put whatever you want into the mix so try out a few flavours and get creative!

2. Home made smoothies

Homemade smoothies can easily be knocked up the night before and serve as a nutritious, filling and delicious breakfast for people on the go. Use natural yoghurt as your base and then add anything from bananas, apples and grapefruit to ginger, cucumber and beetroot. Pretty much anything goes in this vitamin packed mix.

3. Yoghurt and granola

Putting some yoghurt in a bowl and topping it up with granola takes about 30 seconds so there’s no excuse for skipping out on this morning treat. Drizzle a teaspoon full of honey on top for an extra sweet start to the day.

4. Egg roll

If you like your morning pick me ups a little more savoury, they don’t come much quicker than a scrambled egg roll. Crack a couple of eggs into a non-stick pan, season to taste add then whack them into a roll. Eat straight away or wrap it up to enjoy on the commute.

5. Coffee

Sometimes, the very last thing that you feel like doing in the mornings is eating, so to ensure that you’re still getting a bit of nutrition and energy, fire up your Tassimo coffee machine and enjoy a freshly made brew.

Taking a few minutes to make sure you have some to eat in the mornings will help to ensure you’re ready for anything the day can throw at you.

What’s your favourite ‘breakfast-on-the-go’?


5 thoughts on “Five best breakfast foods on the go

    • yep smoothies are the go! banna, berries, chia seeds, acai powder even musli and yoghut so good to experinment and find the best mixes!!

  1. I like the scrambled eggs in a roll which is what I am about to make right now at 9.25am! Coffee isn’t my cup of tea! But Yoghurt and Granola is on the top of my food list. Love this post

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