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Lunch at Berta, North Hobart

Berta North HobartMy little brother Matt is currently working as a chef at Smolt Restaurant in Hobart’s Salamanca Square, so he’s got a good handle on the Hobart food scene, which has grown unbelievably since I’ve been away living in London. Matt offered to take me out to North Hobart’s new daytime restaurant, Berta, for lunch today, as he was keen to check it out.

Alex Jovanovic and Alisha Wilson used to run Piccolo in the same Elizabeth Street location, and although I was never lucky enough to visit, I heard from many friends how wonderful it was, so I was excited to try Berta.

We arrived at Berta between 11:30am (when breakfast service finishes) and 12:00pm (when lunch service begins), so we got stuck into a few great coffees and perused the menu.

We weren’t disappointed when we were finally able to get our hands on our lunch! My meal was fantastic; duck confit leg with lime caramel and a little asian-style salad ($24) was fresh, tasty, and light – just what I was craving.

Berta North Hobart

My brother opted for the huge fried chicken and pickled cucumber sandwich with aioli ($14), which was also great, but just lacked a little extra dab of sauce to counteract the spectacular crunch of the fried chicken.

Berta is only quite small inside, so I can imagine that in busy times it may be difficult to get a table, but it’s well worth it. I’m looking forward to returning to Berta in North Hobart for brunch at some point, as I’ve heard the gingerbread hotcakes are to die for!

Berta – 323a Elizabeth Street, North Hobart, TAS 7002


21 thoughts on “Lunch at Berta, North Hobart

  1. So cool that your bro is a chef 🙂
    I am so impressed with Tassie’s food scene – I’ve noticed it growing in the last few years and I’m so proud of my honorary home town! I would love to have the time to actually eat my way around the place, but unfortunately the last couple of visits have been quite hectic with the loss of my grandparents. We can’t wait to get back there for fun xx

  2. I love that your brother manages to smile and eat at the same time WITHOUT looking disgusting! I have a friend who loves doing the same thing but often the food is… uh, well, uncontainable. Ha! I’ve never been to Hobart but the food at this place looks beautiful. Definitely on my to-visit list in future. Love Tasmania (Matthew Evans is my hero, I wish I could replicate his farm life!)

  3. Had dinner at Smolt tonight. Thanks so much for the recommendation. Entree was a taster plate. For mains we had the lamb with eggplant purée and the venison with cauliflower and quinoa salad. Devine. Excellent coffee too. Off to Mona tomorrow

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