G&Q: Gin and Qcumber

qcumber drinkWell, summer may now be officially over, but I’ve found a sunshine-y drink I’m planning to stick with right through the year! The ‘G&Q’, which is mixed using Qcumber – a gorgeously crisp soft drink I came across very recently, is my new favourite tipple.

Typically, I like the tart and rather bitter taste of tonic water with my gin, but Qcumber is a little softer and bursting with a cucumber taste that isn’t at all artificial, and nor should it when according to the Qcumber website, it contains 100% natural ingredients (and very little in the way of calories – bonus!)

Sadly, I’m off to Australia on Tuesday – for good! – so unless Qcumber start shipping their tasty little drinks over to the other side of the world (I might send Qcumber HQ an email now, actually, I can be very convincing!), I’m going to have to wait until my next holiday here in Britain to get my G&Q fix.

Do you like to deviate from the classic gin-and-tonic recipe? If so, what’s your mixer of choice? Let me know!

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3 thoughts on “G&Q: Gin and Qcumber

  1. That drink sounds so delicious and tasty! I hope you can get it to Australia 😉
    Good luck with the move home – how exciting xx

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