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Five reasons why mums are the best


It’s no secret that being a mum is a tricky business. With so many different parenting approaches, sometimes it can feel like you just can’t win no matter what you do.

Meal times are another hot topic – are you feeding your kids healthy ingredients? Are they eating all their greens? It can all leave you with a bit of a headache.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re feeling a bit frazzled then perhaps it’s time to take a break from the guilt and accept that your best is good enough. And then treat yourself to an evening off and indulge with a glass of wine, a tasty meal and a good book.

Once you’ve recharged your batteries, sit back and smile in the knowledge that you are a great mum, even if your kids had Coco Pops for tea.

Here are five reasons why you’re brilliant, if you need reminding:

You give the best cuddles
It’s the law that mums give the best cuddles, fact. Your little one falls over and scrapes a knee – who do they come running to? Exactly.

You have an amazing memory
You remember what’s for tea tonight, who is going to which birthday party later today, which bill is now overdue and which favourite T-shirt needs washing. That makes you a hero.

You cook the best meals
Mums are renowned for being able to rustle up tasty meals that the whole family will enjoy. You are the one putting favourite meals on the table every day, from mouth-watering McCain jacket potatoes you’ve popped in the microwave to a casserole you’ve been slaving over all day.

You are inventive
When the kids get bored of a certain meal, you’re the one who mixes things up and makes mealtimes more exciting. From introducing a whole new range of toppings for those jacket potatoes to arranging food as a smiley face – and thinking up endless ways to turn the post-dinner clearing up process into entertaining games – you have a knack when it comes to making the kids smile and ensuring they have fun!

You are multi-talented
From baking fairy cakes to running races on the beach, crafting with sequins to singing in the shower, as a mum you have many talents that your kids are proud of. Whatever your forte you can be sure that your kids will always be your biggest fans, no matter what you turn your hand to.

See? You are doing a fantastic job. So ditch the mum guilt and pour yourself another glass of wine. You most definitely deserve it!

This is a guest post, brought to you by McCain.


2 thoughts on “Five reasons why mums are the best

  1. Mums are the best. I miss mine terribly since she passed away far to young a couple of years back. I say we stop listerning to the “experts” and do what we’ve been doing for millenia and just carry on as before. It dosn’t necessarily take a “village” to raise a child, just one determined woman 😀

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