What does London Underground taste like?

This beautifully-descriptive map of London’s Underground tube network really got my taste buds going this morning! Found at The Telegraph via the fabulous @ladytubedriver‘s Twitter feed, this map is a delicious way to navigate London…

Take a look:

London Underground tube map taste

[Click the image for the larger version]

The article from The Telegraph reads:

“The London Underground map has inspired a range of spin-offs over the years, with everything from musical icons to popular restaurants plotted along its interweaving lines.But now a 54-year-old systems analyst from Blackpool has created the most bizarre version to date – a map that shows what each station tastes like.

“James Wannerton tastes words when he reads or hears them thanks to a neurological condition called synaesthesia that links senses which are normally experienced separately.He first noticed each Underground station created a distinct taste aged four when travelling to school with his mother from the family home near Willesden, north London.

“Since then Mr Wannerton has continued to keep notes and make special trips to London after leaving the city to complete his “taste map” of the Tube. The 49-year project was finally completed earlier this year.”

According to this map, I live at ‘Roast Heart & Potato’, how about you?


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