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Mother Clucker Fried Chicken

I’ve been thinking about chasing down the Mother Clucker London folks for a while. It’s been on my list of to-dos since they opened their first pop-up at The Endurance in March this year, then The Shacklewell Arms in May. Sadly, I never made it, and I wrote Mother Clucker off as one of those many London experiences that had slipped through my fingers in the short time I’ve spent in the capital.

Mother Clucker fried chicken pop-up food truck London

I couldn’t believe my luck when today I literally stumbled upon Mother Clucker’s distinctive khaki-coloured ex-ambulance vehicle in East London’s Ely’s Yard, just outside Old Truman Brewery off Brick Lane. How serendipitous, in this, my final month in London!

Mother Clucker fried chicken pop-up food truck London

Excitedly, I ordered the only thing Mother Clucker had on offer – the mighty Chickwitch – a slab of crunchy fried chicken, lime mayo, hot sauce and sweet pickled peppers on a soft bun (£6.00), with added fries (£7.50 for both).

The burger was huge. Really huge. I couldn’t believe the size of the chicken fillet. The (free-range, I’m assured) chicken was twice-fried and coated in an explosion of herbs and spices (more than the Colonel’s 11, perhaps? Most surprising was how juicy the chicken meat was once I’d penetrated the crispy coating.

Mother Clucker fried chicken burger pop-up food truck London

The zingy lime mayo-topped fillet, teamed with a hot sauce that wasn’t too hot (I like hot sauce, but with a burger this good, you don’t want to blast away the flavour of the chicken!), pickled peppers, and a bundle of iceberg lettuce shards was a combination of complete and utter perfection.

And as for the fries… the fries were crisp, hot, and tasty – the perfect burger buddy.

Mother Clucker fried chicken burger pop-up food truck London

I’m salivating just writing this. The Chickwich was – in all honesty – the very best burger I’ve ever eaten. I was close to crying happy tears as I wiped away the last bit of mayo from my chin, and I tweeted @cluck_you to let them know.

Over-the-top? Maybe. But I’m always pleased to find a great meal for under a tenner that I honestly can’t fault. I am desperate to return to Mother Clucker, and it seems I’m in luck, as they’ve just taken up a fairly permanent residency in Ely’s Yard – just a short stroll from my office.

Mother Clucker food truck

Are there any other food trucks in London that are a must-do before I leave for Australia? Suggestions, please!


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