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Around the web food round-up: July 2013

Lacking culinary inspiration at the moment, so I thought I’d share some interesting foodie tidbits from around the web this month:

Illustrated guide to sushi | TimeOut London

Confused by the elaborate menu at your local sushi restaurant? Become a Japanese food expert with this handy list of sushi types and interesting information you can drop in to conversation to impress your friends (who knew ‘gunkan’ meant ‘battleship’?!)

Illustrated guide to sushi types

What does 200 calories actually look like? | Laughing Squid

This has been a great reference while I’ve been following The Fast Diet. Visualising how many calories are in that snack you’re coveting is a great way to keep track!

Last meals of innocent men | Amnesty International

This one’s a little heart-wrenching – photographer James Reynolds shopt a photographic advertising campaign for Amnesty International featuring the last meals of innocent men on death row.

Death row last meal

New restaurant openings in London: July 2013 | The Telegraph

Summertime in London and there’s new restaurants and bars popping up EVERYWHERE.

aqua shard london

This guide contains some beauties. I’m looking forward to trying London’s branch of NYC’s famous Shake Shack, and also checking out aqua shard on the 31st storey of The Shard.

elBulli: Ferran Adrià and The Art of Food | Somerset House

Renowned chef Ferran Adrià from the Catalan coast’s elBulli restaurant has put together an exhibition that explores the relationship between art and food.

Ferran Adria and the art of food

Adrià said of the Somerset House show: “Even though the restaurant of elBulli is now closed, the spirit of elBulli is still very much alive and this exhibition is one of the ways of keeping it so.  For some, I hope it will revive good memories, and for others it will give a flavour of a fine dining experience like no other.  Overall, it is an ode to the creativity, imagination, innovation, talent and teamwork of everyone at elBulli, but especially the world-famous chefs who trained with us and took these values into their own restaurants around the world.”

Seen anything interesting online lately? Let me know in the comments…..


4 thoughts on “Around the web food round-up: July 2013

  1. Shake shack opening in London!!!! AHHHH!!! I’m arriving in London tomorrow. Perfect timing.

    On a more sombre note, I found the Amnesty International last meal feature extremely fascinating – there’s something about prisons and death row I find interesting, especially after watching the Louis Theroux documentaries on American prisons and Werner Herzog’s mini-series ‘On Death Row’. Definitely worth a watch if you are at all interested in this kind of stuff!

    • Yeah, apparently the queues for Shake Shack have been crazy, so I’m waiting a few weeks before my visit!!

      I’ve seen the Louis Theroux doco you mentioned, it was fascinating. I’ll have to look up the Herzog one, thanks.

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