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Atari-Ya Sushi, James Street, London

atariya london

Atari-Ya James Street London | Image via

The best thing about working right in the heart of the West End of London is the proximity to so many wonderful restaurants. It makes the decision as to what to have for lunch very difficult. However, I’ve found that I return to Atari-Ya Sushi Bar for their incredible fresh sushi again and again.

Today, I selected my favourite from the Atari-Ya menu – the Deluxe Chirashi – a bowl of soft and sticky sushi rice with sliced salmon, fish roe, crab meat, omelette, ribbons of nori, and prawns sitting on top – crowned with pickled ginger, sesame seeds, vegetables, and wasabi.

Atari-Ya Sushi London

At £8.50 for the chirashi, it’s not the cheapest lunch you’ll find on the High Street, but you’ll eat a lot worse at chains like Wasabi, Itsu and Eat for the same price, so if you’re into Japanese food, this is by-far the best you’ll get for your money. I can’t speak with a lot of authority on sushi, but I know what I like, and Atari-Ya come highly recommended by friends who’ve sampled much more Japanese food than I ever have.

A word of warning, one does not simply drop into Atari-Ya expecting to pick up ready-made sushi to go. Oh no. You’ll not only have to queue when you arrive, but if you’ve not phoned ahead to place your order, you’ll have to wait until the sushi chefs have time to put your fresh order together, which can take a while on a busy day, but it’s worth the wait!


9 thoughts on “Atari-Ya Sushi, James Street, London

  1. This is absolutely my favourite sushi place in London…I even tube-d it to Bond Street when I travelled through London in the past.
    One memorable time was when I sat there eating my minced tuna donburi (although I think it has a specific name that escapes me right now) and a heap of sashimi while waiting for the chefs to whip up a massive takeaway box that I delivered to my friend after nearly an hour’s train journey.
    Now that’s what they call takeaway…

  2. It looks amazing! I’ve never eaten sushi in a restaurant but would love it. I feel that the shop-bought stuff just doesn’t live up to to how it might REALLY taste 🙂

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