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Kick off your holiday with a healthy start

Travelling to a warmer destination to escape the English ‘summer’? I don’t blame you, this weather is ridiculous!

Airport snack ideas

Whenever I travel I find it so hard to resist picking up some unhealthy snacks in the airport prior to boarding my flight, thus undoing my hard work pre-holiday to squeeze into a swimsuit – or I’ll get stuck into a celebratory glass of bubbly at the airport bar before jetting off. Not good.

According to nutritionist Sarah West, keeping pre-flight and in-flight snacks light and healthy is best to ensure you arrive at your destination feeling fabulous.

I’ve found a handy guide online that outlines some smart snacking options at London’s Luton Airport and I’m pleased to see that one of my favourite Fast Diet snacks, the low-salt Miso Soup from Pret A Manger, makes an appearance as a ‘good option’.

Purple Parking Guide to Healthy Eating at Airports infographic

What sort of travel snacker are you? Do you gorge before you board, or think twice before reaching for the salty peanuts?


7 thoughts on “Kick off your holiday with a healthy start

  1. Great chart — thanks for sharing. I try to stick to water when traveling, though I’ll have the occasional coffee in the airport or on a long (transatlantic) flight if I need to stay awake. If I’m traveling by train, I try to make sandwiches at home and take along carrot sticks and apples. I always try to have an emergency granola/energy bar or two in my bag, just in case. Trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, chocolate pieces) is also good for the long haul.

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