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Scrambled eggs with pepper & chilli

I’m beginning to look forward to my beginning-of-the-week Fast Day. It feels great after a particularly indulgent weekend to have a lighter day. As I spent Friday at the Taste of London sampling cocktails and some amazing food, and feasted on lobster and white truffle pasta on Sunday, today it’s been good to drink lots of herbal tea and to go easy.

For a late afternoon snack, I opted to cook up some eggs (under 100 calories each) with some colourful pepper for taste and texture.

fast diet eggs

I’ve found that keeping a bag of sliced peppers in the freezer has been handy – simply throw a handful into a non-stick frying pan, and it’s ready to eat in under two minutes!

Again, as with my other no-fuss Fast Diet meal ideas, there’s no real need to write up a structured recipe, as it’s as simple as throwing some pepper (or other vegetable of your choice) in a pan to cook, adding some whisked eggs and a teaspoon of milk and stirring occasionally. Season with plenty of black pepper and salt, and a dash of chilli flakes if you want some additional flavour and heat. Serve when the egg is not-quite-set, as they’ll continue cooking on the plate.

fast diet meal ideas

I ate my eggs with some rice cakes on the side, and estimated the entire meal to come in at around 250 calories, leaving me another 250 calories for my dinner.

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