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Taste of London 2013

Taste of London 2013

I received a very kind invitation to attend this year’s Taste of London festival in Regents Park, and I jumped at the chance to attend, as during my few years in London I’ve not had an opportunity to get there.

Taste of London-7385

ACHICA organised for a group of London lifestyle and food bloggers to meet and chat with suppliers from Tails Cocktails, Danilo Manco, and Chase Distillery, and we had a lot of fun sampling their wares and finding out more about each product.

Our day began at Tails Cocktails, where we met with Nick Wall and the Tails team. Their range of classic contemporary cocktails use only premium spirits and liquers, and absolutely no preservatives. The sleek fully-functional shakers are perfect for serving at home (über convenient!) and are a handy way to drink a fancy-pants beverage without having to purchase all the required ingredients.

The bar-quality range includes the Mai Tai, the Espresso Martini, the Elderflower Collins, and the popular girlie classic, the Cosmopolitan. I tried all of them (lucky me, right?) and I must say the Elderflower Collins was a stand-out favourite – really refreshing.

Tails Cocktails

Tails Cocktails Espresso Martini

I’ll absolutely look out for these Tails Cocktail shakers next time I’m shopping for dinner-party drinks as I reckon they take so much of the hassle out of the preparation. Nothing better than espresso martini to end a meal!

Next up, we popped over to the Danilo Manco stand, where hundreds of bottles of olive oils and balsamic vinegars glinted in the late afternoon sun. The first thing I noticed was the really lovely packaging of each variety of oil.

Danilo Manco

Danilo took us through a tasting of his most popular olive oils, ranging from a very fresh and young green oil, right through to the more mellow and mild aged varieties. All absolutely delicious.

What I liked most were the balsamic vinegars we were encouraged to try – with the Prelibato White Balsamic vinegar being my absolute favourite. It was less sweet that traditional balsamic, and had a gorgeous zing to it.

Danilo Manco

I wasn’t able to purchase any of this before I left Taste of London, so I’ll be making an online purchase in the next week!

The third supplier on our Taste of London itinerary were Chase Distillery, and we were able to hear from the team about how many potatoes go into each bottle of vodka (…approximately 250!) and hear about the distillation process.

Chase Distillery

Ever tried rhubarb vodka? I’ve just realised this is what is missing from my life. So good.

As for the food, I did manage to get to Savoy Grill‘s stand for their charcoal grill Dingley Dell pork belly with honey and apple:

Savoy Grill

… and to Tamarind for their Rasmalai, which was a poached cheese dumpling in cardamom-flavoured milk with strawberries and pistachio.


There was so much to see and do at this year’s Taste of London – I didn’t get a chance to see all the exhibitors, and am going to try to get back for a second day if I can during the weekend.


9 thoughts on “Taste of London 2013

  1. Wow, this looks like an amazing event! I am so disappointed that I’m on the other side of the world right now 😦 I am planning to visit the UK next Summer though, so I might take a look at the Taste of London website to make sure that we can attend! Thanks for this lovely post. I’m going to take a look at the Chase distillery site to see if I can track down some of their gin…

  2. These events, wherever they are in the world, are so worth attending. You get a little taste of everything you like and come away with such fantastic ideas. How about inventing a cocktail out of the Rhubarb Vodka and sharing it with us? I promise to make it and swill it with gusto 😀

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  4. Wow I’ve never heard of an olive oil sampling before- it sounds pretty intense.
    The event looks like a fun time and the pictures are beautiful!

  5. Wow, your pics look fantastic! The Savoy Grill’s pork belly looks divine. Thanks for reading my blog post on Taste too, so nice to hear about different people’s experiences on it!

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