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The Happenstance | St Pauls, London

The Happenstance Bar London St Pauls

I was so pleased to hear that The Happenstance (a new addition to the Drake & Morgan family of bars, with The Anthologist, The Folly, The Drift, The Parlour being others in the group I’ve visited) was opening near St Pauls. As the summer weather is upon us, my other favourite City haunts can get quite over-crowded (Madison Bar being the main culprit – you can’t move in there on a nice day!) and another nearby venue is certainly welcome.

The Happenstance invited me in for cocktails to celebrate their opening, and I jumped at the chance.

On arrival at The Happenstance, I asked the bartender what his favourite cocktail from the menu was. He suggested the Mardi Gras Star (The Happenstance’s answer to the ‘porn star’ classic passionfruit/vodka/lime/vanilla concoction), which came with a chaser of ice-cold prosecco.

Mardi Gras Star cocktail

I then ordered the Skinny Superfood Collins, which was a more refreshing blend of gin with basil, raspberries, blackberries and agave, served over crushed ice. The added bonus? This cocktail comes in at just 105 calories! So I had two.

Skinny cocktail

I took a sneak peek at the food menu, but with a late dinner already booked at Jamies Italian, I had no time (or appetite) to lose, so had to pass. Next time, I’ll return to try a few offerings from the flatbreads and sharing plates menu – it all looked delicious!

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3 thoughts on “The Happenstance | St Pauls, London

  1. I love a good cocktail bar…this one sounds great! That first cocktail with the passionfruit really caught my eye…I think I would have had a couple of those!

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