The Fast Diet

Surviving the Fast Diet: Snacks

As you may have read from some of my previous posts, I’m experimenting with The Fast Diet, otherwise known as the 5:2 Diet.


What’s the Fast Diet? Well, in a nutshell, you eat whatever you want for five days of the week, then restrict your calories to 500 (or 600 for men) for the other two non-consecutive days – hence the name 5:2.

So how easy is it? Honestly, it’s not been too bad. And once you start seeing results, the motiviation is a lot stronger. In the last five weeks since I began (excluding my gluttonous Sicilian holiday!) I’ve lost a kilo for every week.

Yeah, you’re hungry on fast days. Yes, you need to exercise a little self-control, but the key is preparation.

I make sure I plan out my day’s meals the day before, otherwise that moment of indecision in front of the fridge can sway my resolve – and you don’t want to have to nip out to the shops either – too much temptation!

Ensuring you’ve got some diet-friendly snacks to hand is also essential.

Here’s my five favourite snacks to get me through a Fast Day:

Nakd Bars (157 calories each)

I look forward to enjoying a Ginger Bread Nakd Bar with a black coffee. They’re surprisingly filling, full of good stuff, and great if you’re craving something sweet late in the afternoon.

nakd ginger bread

low_fat_rice_cakesKallo Low Calorie Rice Cakes (30 calories each)

I know, I know, rice cakes can be really boring. But these Low Fat Rice Cakes from Kallo have been a lifesaver for me on a Fast Day. I’ll often eat one or two of these when the hunger pangs kick in, and they do the trick to quiet the rumbling for a little while.

boiled eggBoiled eggs (95 calories for a large egg)

Full of protein, nice and tasty when sprinkled with some salt and pepper, and relatively portable snack (I pop mine, shelled, in a little plastic sealed container when I’m on the move), a boiled egg is the perfect snack.

Apples (50 calories each)

Again, super portable and very cheap, an apple is full of fibre and a good way to stay satisfied between meals.


Herbal tea (a tiny amount of calories!)

There’s barely any calories in herbal tea (around just  3 or 4 calories per cup).

I find that keeping a variety of flavours on-hand is a good distraction – my current favourite is Twinings Sleep Tea – a blend of camomile, lavender and vanilla. Twinings also do one called Butter Mint Sensation that I quite like.

I’m finding that I quite look forward to the challenge of each Fast Day, and have only once been swayed from the very strict limits. But, there’s always tomorrow!

Looking for some ideas on Fast Day meals? Take a look at my 5:2 recipes.


11 thoughts on “Surviving the Fast Diet: Snacks

  1. This sounds interesting. Keep us posted on your results. Mommy started changing her eating habits as well. I’ll pass this info on to her. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Hi Emily, today is the first of my fast days. So far I’ve had 5 rice and corn thins (98cals) these are like rice cakes but very thin, topped with a slice each of a whole medium sized tomato (22cals) and sprinkled with a pinch of salt each. OML! Flavour sensation! One thing I wont do is limit my tea intake(English Breakfast or Bushells extra strong), especially on cold days as it fills me up with only a dash of milk to up the calories. I’m making your Broccoli,cauliflower and parsnip soup for lunch. Looking forward to it. First time i’ve felt positive about changing my eating habits in a long while. Thanks for the inspiration Emily. I even managed to make my brother some Raspberry and WHite chocolate muffins for a load of firewood without snarfing anything!

    • That’s brilliant! I look forward to hearing how the next few weeks go for you. I recommend reading the book or watching the documentary online – it helps to understand the science behind the fad. Search for ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’ on YouTube x

  3. Hi Emilly So true. It does get easier the longer you persevere with it. After twelve weeks I call it mindful eating. My personal challenge has been to see how interesting I can make my daily 500 calorie allocation. Those Nakd bars look fantastic. Pity they’re not available over here.

  4. We’re having great success on the diet -my husband has lost nearly 2 stone! I think the key is to be imaginative, to shop carefully and to make meals beautiful! For example, I might give my husband a mid-morning snack of a Finn Crisp and half an apple, sliced really thinly on a mandolin and a two or three blueberries, as little as that but looks pretty and has to be eaten slowly!
    Great post – great pics!

    • Thanks! I’ve gone off it in the last month or so – had way too many things going on in my life (moving from the UK to Oz, unemployment, etc) to deal with. Thinking about trying again next month pre-Christmas. It takes SO MUCH willpower, but the results are worth it.

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