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Sicilian holiday: San Vito Lo Capo, Mondello Beach & Cefalù

So, Palermo was a fantastic place to base ourselves for our Sicilian holiday, but as much as we loved it there, it was also great to get out of the hustle and bustle and head to the coastal beach areas.

san vito lo capo beach

On day 2 we jumped in the hire car (an adorable new Fiat 500) and headed to San Vito Lo Capo.

When we arrived, we took a quick stroll down the promenade before deciding on a meal at the beachside Hotel Riviera. We feasted on caponata, octopus salad and a lovely selection of bruschetta, along with the obligatory snacks that seem to be presented with every drink you order in Sicily – olives, crisps, nuts, and bread with balsamic and olive oil.


We left San Vito Lo Capo and dropped in on Mondello Beach on the way back to Palermo, where I purchased a massive ham and cheese arancini – seriously, this thing weighted at least 500g. Amazing. Mr Q enjoyed a pistachio gelato that he deemed the best ice cream he’d ever sampled.

On day 4 of our holiday, we decided to travel along the West coast of the island to the ancient town of Cefalù. There, we spotted Il Covo Del Pirata Ristorante, a little bistro with a small balcony hanging over the rock pools at the end of the beach with a breathtaking view of the coast. After cajoling the head waiter to let us have a table, we ordered more caponata (I’m addicted!), steak, pasta with prawns and crab, and a delicious tiramisu for dessert.

cefalu caponata

cefalu pasta

cefalu tiramisu

This was an incredible holiday, where we made the most of the fresh local food and experienced some very welcoming hospitality. I can’t wait to one day return to Sicily, there’s so much left to explore!

To read about our food adventures in Palermo, take a look at Sicilian holiday: Palermo


4 thoughts on “Sicilian holiday: San Vito Lo Capo, Mondello Beach & Cefalù

  1. how odd…we were just reading each other’s post at the exact same time. I am sooo jealous of your warm Italy posts! The rain is continuing its’ rainy descent here. Will it ever be summer?

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