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Ladurée in London’s Covent Garden

Macaroon or macaron? It’s not a case of tom-ah-to versus to-mae-toe – a macaron and a macaroon are completely different delicacies. The macaroon is a coconut-loaded confection that looks rather like a little snowball. A macaron is a crisp, thin shell with a distinct almond flavour, with a soft, chewy middle.

The best macarons in London? Many people say they’re found at Ladurée.

Ladurée London Covent Garden

Ladurée macaron flavours (from left to right) Salted caramel, Pistachio, Lemon, Vanilla, Coffee, Pure Ghana Chocolate, Red Fruits, Orange Blossom

I stumbled on Ladurée’s Covent Garden branch and selected my eight macarons from the counter. After much indecision, I chose Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Lemon, Vanilla, Coffee, Pure Ghana Chocolate, Red Fruits, and Orange Blossom.

Quartered and shared with my in-laws over a cup of coffee later in the day, the general consensus was that the Vanilla macaron and the Red Fruits macaron were the favourites, with the Coffee macaron also a strong contender.

Ladurée London

Ladurée Covent Garden (image via

I’m quite excited to hear from my friend Rachel over at Cookery Addiction that Ladurée have opened a store in Sydney’s new Westfield City in Pitt Street, as I’ll be relocating to Sydney in the New Year.

I’m yet to have a go at baking my own macarons, and I’d love a simple recipe if you’d like to share with a macaron novice!

Have you visited Ladurée? What’s your favourite macaron flavour?


20 thoughts on “Ladurée in London’s Covent Garden

  1. I’ve never tried a macaron, I must rectify this as soon as possible. I’m always attracted by the pretty colours but why I’ve never tried them I’m not sure.

  2. I have a complete “how to” on my blog that is great for beginner’s. It’s a staple recipe that you can build from later. It’s under the recipes section. SOOOO jealous by the way, I love Laduree!

  3. Even macaron from Laduree in Sydney, which opened late last year have failed to excite me. Too sweet for my palate, the flavours, not subtle but indistinct. I’ll leave my share to you! You’ll love the Sydney lifestyle, but visit Melbourne for the best food, shopping and culture! You should be made aware of Sydney/Melbourne rivalry right now!

  4. Love Macarons. We had great success making chilli chocolate and salted caramel macarons that we ate as soon as they were put together!!!! Haven’t had much success with other flavours though and we can’t work out why at the moment. The failures still get eaten as chewy biscuits 😀

  5. We just visited Laduree on the Champs Elysee in Paris!! I had to wait in line for 1/2 hour to get my macarons and other various treats. Almost had a heart attack when the total came to 92 euros…but it was worth every bit of that 🙂
    I was always scared to try macarons, they really freaked me out. But I tried them not too long ago and the result was not half bad. My almond meal was not fine enough so they were a little bumpy, however, they did grow ‘feet’.

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  7. I was in London this past summer, and I do have to say that London has some of the yummiest food on that side of the pond! Some of my favorites were Byrons and Beirut! Sooooo delicious! Pretty sure I gained a few pounds while there. I’ll be sure to follow your blog for advice if I return! 🙂

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