Basil cream chicken with mushrooms

Basil cream chicken with mushroomsBasil cream chicken with mushrooms is a dish I used to throw together for friends when I was a poor uni student – it’s impressive enough for entertaining, cheap enough on a shoestring, and tasty enough to please everyone.

Basil cream chicken with mushrooms

Purple sprouting broccoli

I find that it’s essential to serve this chicken recipe with some steamed greens, otherwise you risk it being a little stodgy and rich.

For last night’s dinner MrQ sourced a lovely bunch of purple sprouting broccoli from Waitrose, so it was a side dish of purple, rather than green!

We’ve always got a basil plant in the house – basil is so easy to grow, and quite hardy in the right environment (even easier to keep thriving than parsley!), and it’s worth investing the £2 in a plant, as you’ll need a fair bit for this recipe.

You can also use white wine instead of chicken stock – I’ve presented the budget option, but the sky is the limit!

Fresh basil

Creamy chicken with mushrooms


11 thoughts on “Basil cream chicken with mushrooms

  1. Definitely, this is my kind of recipe, one that looks and tastes great and doesn’t take all day to prepare. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it, almost exactly what I used to cook when I was a student too! Thanks for reminding me of it. Love all the recipes on your blog, you’re making me ravenous!

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