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Epping Forest picnic

Now that the weather is improving, there’s no excuse to spend time indoors on the weekends. The best (cheap) activity? Pack a picnic!

One of my very favourite picnic spots in London is Epping Forest. According to the City of London website, Epping Forest is London’s largest open space, at approximately 6,000 acres.  The forest stretches 12 miles from Manor Park in east London to just north of Epping in Essex.

A favourite spot of mine, (and seemingly, most of Essex) is High Beach (or High Beech – the signage differs). At the first sign of sun, we packed a rug, cushions, glasses, plates and cutlery, then set off for Waitrose to fill my trusty Fortnum & Mason picnic hamper with yummy goodies.

Epping Forest Picnic, Essex

For just £16 we filled-ourselves-to-bursting with cold meats from the charcuterie, edamame beans, pasta salad, crusty bread, seeded crackers, dips, cheese, and crisps with juice and sparkling water.

A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

What do you pack in your picnic hamper? I’d love some ideas for my next outing!

13 thoughts on “Epping Forest picnic

  1. ooohhh that looks like so much fun!! But psstt – it’s out in nature. I’m not a nature kind of piggie but I love the view there. We have picnics in the house sometimes. Mom always packs apples, carrots, spinach, eggplant and animal crackers for me. MMMM – so good. XOXO – Bacon

  2. We in Nigeria have big appetite so if I was going on a picnic with friends, i’d pack water, soft drinks, puff puff, vegetable salad, jellof rice, cake and ice cream.

  3. The trusty picnic hamper! I am super jealous of your fortnums one! I see you have the trusty Boursin! All that’s missing I some pudding? Travel friendly brownies are my weak point… Loving the blog by the way!

  4. We’ve just been discussing a picnic this weekend. Cheese, chutney, crusty bread, sausage rolls, pork pie. As we’re thinking of going to Bakewell, the tart will come from there.

  5. I love picnics! In the summer I use my thermos flask to bring ready mixed G&T’s, keeps it cool and makes for a lovely outing! 🙂 Besides that I love your spread, and quiche!

  6. Love this, Em! Reminds me of home… I definitely need more picnics in my life!
    I also like PETRA08’s comment above re: G&T’s in a thermos – so keen!!

  7. İ also love picnics and eat dinner at the beachside park every day during summer. İ even take a baked whole fish still in the baking dish. İ will be posting lots of picnic dinner photos so make sure to check them out 🙂
    İ eat properly no matter where 🙂 İf not in the park, İ eat on the balcony at least.

  8. Oh my goodness this looks lovely! Hopefully up here in Alaska, spring will rear it’s pretty head soon and it will be warm enough to have a picnic! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post, A Modest Vegetable Soup! I really appreciate it. Cheers 🙂

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