Kitchen inspiration

Kitchen inspiration: top 10 Chinese recipes to try

Although I’m still full-to-bursting from the dim sum I enjoyed to celebrate the Chinese New Year, I’ve still got the taste for Chinese food, this fact never seems to change.

As a treat, my mum used to take me to a dingy little charming Chinese restaurant in the Tasmanian suburb I grew up in for their $5.00 set three-course menu which usually consisted of chicken and sweet corn soup, beef in black bean sauce, followed by ice-cream served with a tinned lychee. I have very fond memories of my visits there, and still go weak at the knees for a good beef in black bean sauce.

I’ve dabbled in some Chinese cookery (see my Chinese crispy lemon chicken and Chicken and cashew stir-fry recipes) but now that the Year of the Snake is upon us, it’s time to get serious with the wok.

Here’s the ten recipes I’ve been dying to try:

Have you got any tried-and-tested authentic Chinese recipes? I’d love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “Kitchen inspiration: top 10 Chinese recipes to try

  1. Love your blog!
    I totally agree with the love of pork! most of my Chinese recipes are based around pork belly and chili bean, yellow bean and black bean sauces! (there are so many fermented soy based products in my cupboards!)
    When I cooked Peking duck and pancakes at home, it was great, but we tried drying the maltose onto the duck with hairdryers – to be fair it worked very well, and there is something so satisfying about layers of pancakes in multiple layers of a bamboo steamer!

  2. I’ve been exploring Chinese food more seriously lately too. Have you been to Chairman Mao’s? I’m too chicken after the horror stories I’ve heard. Not that the food is not good but the chilli level is off the planet!

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