The perfect Anzac biscuit recipe

The cold change in the weather this week, paired with the come-down after my amazing summer working for London 2012, has brought on the familiar pangs of homesickness for Australia.

When I’m missing home, it’s time to stop moping and get in the kitchen to whip up a batch of Anzacs, it’s therapeutic!

Anzac biscuits recipe

Anzac biscuits, named for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, were originally baked and sent overseas to armed forces soldiers serving in battles during World War I. The beauty of this recipe is that it doesn’t contain eggs, so they kept for ages, brilliant for sending to homesick Diggers back in the day.

From its humble beginnings, the Anzac biscuit has gone on to conquer supermarket shelves and bake-off stalls worldwide. Even Martha Stewart has her own version of this little Aussie biscuit.

The recipes don’t typically vary too much, it depends on whether your preference is for a chewy or a crunchy Anzac. I like mine on the chewy side, and here’s how easy they are to make:

Anzac biscuits

The perfect Anzac biscuit recipe

1 cup of rolled oats
1 cup of plain flour
2/3 cup of brown sugar
2/3 cup of desiccated coconut
125g unsalted butter
2 tbs of golden syrup
1/2 tsp of bicarbonate of soda
–  Preheat your oven to 160C.
–  Pop all the dry ingredients into a big bowl and combine.
–  Melt butter and golden syrup in a small saucepan, then add the bicarbonate of soda.
–  Stir the butter mix into the dry ingredients.
–  Use your hands to roll the mixture into golfball-sized balls, put them on a baking tray and flatten slightly.
–  Bake for 10 – 12 minutes, or until golden brown.
Anzac cookie and coffee
I love to pop these Anzac biscuits into a glass jar and give as a gift, they’re a lovely treat for anyone – young or old!
When I’m making these at home, I usually double the recipe. Each batch makes about 20 large cookies. Doubling the recipe means there’s some for my pantry and plenty to give away as gifts or take into the office to butter up my workmates!

13 thoughts on “The perfect Anzac biscuit recipe

  1. I love my Anzac biccies on the chewier side too – looking forward to trying out this recipe! thanks for sharing 🙂 P.s. not too sure which part of Oz you’re from, but I can assure you Melbourne is as dreary, wet, and cold as ever, so you’re not missing out on anything down here 🙂

  2. Hi Emily, I’m from the Kiwi side of the ANZAC relationship 🙂 I really like how your biscuits have baked up. What a lovely crackle there is through them. I’m tempted to make some myself, but throw in some chewy raisins as well.

  3. Mmmm I love Anzac biscuits, my dad makes (in my opinion) the best ever ANZAC biscuits, chewy on the outer edges, and soft towards the middle. I’m yet to perfect his recipe though!

  4. I have a (sticky!) photocopy of a version of this recipe, well they are called NZ biscuits, that I used to make as a child with my Mum in the 70s. I have made them with friends children recently, but they always seem to flatten out, join up and go really crispy so I’m going to compare it to yours and see if I can solve the problem. We must have costed them out all those years ago, 32.5p a batch!
    I love the look of your blog…

  5. I used to make something called NZ biscuits with my mum in the 70s, I have a photocopy of the page, all sticky we costed them out, back then 32.5p per batch!
    I have made them recently with children of friends and they usually spread out and join together, still taste fab though. I’ll compare recipes and see if I can fix it. Do you think the Hob Nob was based on them?

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