Lup cheong (Chinese sausage) with noodles

Lup cheong, or lap chong (臘腸) is to Chinese cuisine what chorizo is to Spanish cooking. That’s the best description I can muster for this gorgeous little dried fatty Chinese sausage.

Lup cheong is all at once smoky, sweet and savoury, and is perfect as one of those back-of-the-fridge ingredients.

Lup cheong Chinese sausage

I love lup cheong roughly chopped and plonked into white rice while it’s steaming, infusing the rice with it’s saltiness. I love it broken into pieces and stirfried with Asian greens. Even chopped super-fine – almost minced – and added to fried rice. But my favourite way to use this Chinese sausage is to slice it diagonally so it’s just a few millimetres thick, and frying the slices up with some noodles with a dash of both oyster sauce and soy sauce.

Lup cheong Chinese sausage and noodles

Nothing could be quicker or easier! Here’s how:

Lup Cheong (Chinese sausage) with noodles 

Two lup cheong sausages per person, sliced thinly
A splash of sesame oil, for cooking
Your favourite style of noodle, pre-prepared (I like big slippery egg noodles)
Oyster sauce
Soy sauce
–  Stirfry the lup cheong in the sesame oil until it’s looking crispy and almost translucent. You could choose to drain any fat out of the pan once it’s cooked, but I like to leave it in, it’s got so much flavour!
–  Throw a decent helping of noodles into the pan to mingle with the Chinese sausage and soak up all the tasty cooking oil.
–  Add a good tablespoon or so of oyster sauce and just a little dash of soy to taste – the Chinese sausage would have made the dish quite salty, so it’s a good idea to taste first.
–  Optional: If you want, eat as is, but the addition of a handful of green peas or some bean sprouts can help to add some texture and additional bulk to the dish.
You can pick up lup cheong at most supermarkets and it’s relatively inexpensive – a little bit really goes a long way. Do what I do and keep some in the fridge with the chorizo, it lasts an age if you keep it airtight.

4 thoughts on “Lup cheong (Chinese sausage) with noodles

  1. One of my best friends is from Hong Kong and she does an amazing dish where she stir fries thinly sliced lup cheong with mangetout. I also adore the steamed rice version.
    You have a fantastic blog with a great mixture of recipes. Looking forward to what you write next.

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