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Eating out: Tony’s Pie & Mash Shop, Waltham Abbey, Essex

Tony’s Pie & Mash Shop in Essex, (notably David Beckham’s favourite pie & mash shop) is literally around the corner from the flat Mr Q and I shared when we first got married, and I’d never been there… until now.

We popped into Tony’s Pie & Mash Shop with our good friend Bronnie over the weekend to sample East End’s finest and to see what all the fuss was about. Apparently, Joey Essex of The Only Way Is Essex fame is also a big fan of the pie and mash there, so we were excited to see the grub on offer.

Tony's Pie and Mash Shop Essex

Beckham’s usual order is apparently double pie, double mash, parsley liquor, a cup of tea and a side portion of jellied eels, according to The Sun newspaper (yes, I’m a shameless celebrity stalker), but it sounded like far too much food for me (and the idea of the eels wasn’t sitting well with me either), so we all ordered pie, double mash and liquor.

What’s liquor? I hear you ask… Well. Words fail me. Think about what would happen if you dumped a whole lot of dried parsley and white pepper into a bucket of wallpaper glue, added vinegar, and stirred. That’s pretty much exactly what it is. To serve, throw a beef mince pie on a plate with as much potato mash as possible and tip the glue, err, liquor, over the lot, drowning everything. Bon appetit.

Tony's Pie & Mash Shop EssexThe verdict? I really cannot even begin to describe it. I can imagine on a winter’s day that a big plate of pie and mash would be warming and hearty, but it just lacked taste. It was a big mess of hot carb-y stodge. Quantity over quality. Not that I was deterred from polishing off most of the plate, it was weirdly more-ish. As the food got cold, though, the liquor congealed and took on a jelly-like consistency that proved inedible. That was my cue to stop.

Would I go back again? Hard to say. Perhaps, but only if Beckham is in town.


5 thoughts on “Eating out: Tony’s Pie & Mash Shop, Waltham Abbey, Essex

  1. Oh dear. My husband has a long-standing nostalgia for pie and mash and liquor dating back to childhood, which he is hoping to satisfy with a visit to Tony’s this week! I hope he isn’t too disappointed…

    I am enjoying your blog very much.

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