Matti’s Southern Fried Chicken

Mr Q and I began the week with the best of healthy intentions.

Monday’s dinner was our easy go-to ‘healthy’ dinner option: an oven-baked salmon fillet with a lemony sauce on a bed of couscous and plenty of vegetables.

salmon fillet

Feeling very righteous, we arrived home on Tuesday evening to find that my little brother, Matti, had knocked up a huge batch of hot crispy southern fried chicken with a homemade mayo-drenched caesar salad.

It would have been rude to refuse, right? Check it out, the picture doesn’t do it justice:

fried chicken

I bugged Matti for the recipe, and while he stubbornly kept the quantities secret, he relented and shared the method:

Matti’s Southern Fried Chicken

Coat chicken thighs in self-raising flour
Make a beer batter comprising beer, flour, salt, pepper
Dip the chicken in.
Make another flour mix with the seasoning (flour, paprika, salt, pepper, cayenne)
Dip the chicken in.
Shallow-fry in an inch of oil on low heat until golden, flip.
Drain on kitchen towel.

… and so the healthy diet recommences tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Matti’s Southern Fried Chicken

  1. Both these meals look absolutely delicious.

    Everyone needs a bit of unhealthy food to balance out the healthy stuff… and vice versa 🙂

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