Update: Growing chillies at home

You may have read my earlier post on growing chillies at home. This week, I’ve noticed some tiny baby chillies sprouting! I’m most excited as so far this is the most success I’ve had growing anything from a little seedling…

Growing chillies at home

Can’t wait for some proper home-grown chillies so I can make a batch of my Firkin hot sauce!

Do you grow anything at home? I’d love to add to my window sill garden (which is currently only two chilli plants and a sad looking basil!)


7 thoughts on “Update: Growing chillies at home

  1. Remember you have to be cruel to them to make them hot! Once they have set fruit (those are flower buds on the picture) you need to be very sparing with the water, even letting them wilt a little before watering.
    You could also try growing their cousins the sweet peppers – there are some great window sill varieties – I’ve had lots of success with Redskin in the past.

  2. I’m currently growing sweet yellow peppers…..which I just planted today….and also 6 varieties of radicchio…..those have just sprouted! Will let you know how it goes, since I have heard that they are all quite difficult. Will let you know more in about 30 days! Your plant looks great! Congrats!

  3. I am growing some too and am so excited tho just have leaves at this stage..well it is Ireland and its cold.. I’m hoping for little flowers soon.. Crossing fingers!

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