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Cheddar cheese from Cheddar Village, Somerset

I love cheese, especially a good strong vintage cheddar.

I was delighted when on the way back from Cornwall we drove through the little town of Cheddar Village in Somerset – home to Britain’s largest gorge, numerous tatty souvenir shops, and also some fantastic cheese.

Obviously, I couldn’t leave Cheddar Village without some authentic cheddar, so we headed for the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company to check out what they had on offer. What we found was wedges of cheddar of all shapes, sizes and flavours in a modern shop-front that encouraged tasting (and more importantly, purchases).

Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company cheddar

Short on time, I grabbed a Cider, Garlic and Chives cheddar and a cheddar with Tomato and Red Onion. I was tempted by the Pennard Vale goats cheese too, but thought I’d stick to the cheddars.

Across the road, a few doors up there’s a small tearoom that was also selling hunks of cheddar and the brightly-coloured ‘Aftershock’ cheddar with green and red chillis caught my eye. As a chilli fan, I couldn’t resist.

Cheddar cheese

When we returned home, we unwrapped the cheddar selection and fell on it, scooping up cheese chunks with Ryvita Multi-Seed Thins. The unanimous favourite was the chilli cheddar, by far.

I wouldn’t bother travelling to Cheddar Village for my next cheese fix (and I certainly wouldn’t order cheese online as I think the big supermarkets stock a perfectly adequate selection), but it was great to stop and pick up some cheddar from the source! Worth a look (and a little purchase) if you’re ever in the area.


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