Itsu Prawn Potsu

UPDATE: Itsu have now taken the Itsu Prawn Potsu off the menu. Plus increased their prices. I’m gutted. I’ll be grabbing lunch elsewhere from now on!

…. ALSO: I had a go at creating my own Itsu Prawn Potsu-style soup. Take a look: Prawn udon noodle soup

On a grey and drizzly day there’s nothing better than a hearty soup.

Sometimes, though, soup can be a hidden trap for calories and other bad stuff (especially when combined with a buttered bread roll), so I love finding when a healthy soup turns out to be delicious and filling as well.

One of my very favourite lunch options when it’s chilly outside is the Itsu Prawn Potsu. A massive bowl filled with udon noodles, prawns, and seven other vegetables with a delicious miso-style broth that packs a little punch with the addition of a touch of coconut milk, ginger and chilli.

Itsu Prawn Potsu

According to the Itsu website, there are only 514 calories in each Itsu Prawn Potsu, and a tiny 7.4 grams of fat. Comfort food without too many calories = win.

I like to add a little sriracha sauce to my Itsu Prawn Potsu for a little extra kick.

Itsu have other fantastic options that are healthy without breaking the budget (or diet rules) and is always my go-to when I feel like something tasty.

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