Indonesian Beef Udon

Mr Q and I have always got a pack of beef mince in the freezer at home – it’s one of those ‘staples’ that can be used for so many easy after-work dinners. A quick Italian bolognese sauce, spicy Mexican taco filling, and English cottage pie are all centred around beef mince as the key ingredient.

I also love to utilise one of my favourite ingredients, Kecap Manis, a really sticky sweet Indonesian soy sauce whenever I get the chance; think soy sauce that’s has been reduced to a rich black sugary syrup. Delicious. I get my Kecap Manis from Wai Yee Hong via mail order, but you can also find it at many supermarkets and Asian specialty stores.

Indonesian Beef Udon

This recipe came around by accident one night when I paired the two, and it’s been something we’ve repeated many times since. Great for using up any leftovers in the fridge and freezer.

Indonesian Beef Udon

500g beef mince
Three packs of udon noodles
Several handfuls of frozen stirfry vegetables (peppers, onions, bean sprouts, baby corn, green beans)
Spring onion
A big bunch of coriander (if you have it, don’t worry if you don’t!)
Several large glugs of Kecap Manis (to taste)
A dash of hot chilli sauce (see my Firkin Hot Sauce recipe if you’re keen to make your own)

Brown the beef mince in a pan, add the garlic and Kecap Manis before adding the frozen vegetables to ‘thaw’ in the mix.
While the mince mix is sizzling away, add the udon noodles to a bowl of boiling water to loosen – this should only take three minutes or so.
Chop your spring onions finely, along with coriander and add these with the noodles to the mince and vegetables.
Add chilli sauce or more Kecap Manis to taste.
Serve with a chilly beer.

Like all my recipes, this one is so adaptable. I can imagine it would be great with chicken or pork mince – or with thin rice noodles instead of udon. Where possible, substitute frozen vegetables for fresh, but both are great.

What do you use your beef mince for? I’d love to hear of other similarly easy recipes to add to my to-do list…


4 thoughts on “Indonesian Beef Udon

  1. This looks really delicious, I love udon and I can’t live without kecap manis. But we don’t eat udon in Indonesia 😀
    But of course I have to try this sometime. I’m a big fan of all kind of noodles ^^

  2. Ah..kecap manis…my son always drizzles kecap manis on his steamed rice. Drizzles over chicken or beef or pork satay…with a peanut sauce. Or simply fried or grilled fish, squid, or shrimp..with lime juice..oh so good! 🙂

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