Penne ‘a la Breen’

Hungover after a big day at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, my parents, Mr Q and I needed something lovely and comforting (but easy) for dinner.

Comfort food doesn’t get much better than a big bowl of pasta with a creamy sauce, and my Penne ‘a la Breen’ is what I whip up when in need of a big food cuddle.

Penne a la Breen

Many years ago I strategically befriended a kitchenhand at a restuarant in my hometown to get the recipe for this dish, and I’ve carefully adapted it over the years…

Penne ‘a la Breen’

300ml double cream
8 rashers of bacon, sliced very thinly
A head of broccoli
3 large tablespoons sweet chilli sauce or chilli jam
Sliced spring onion
4 cloves garlic, minced
Small glass of white wine
Salt, pepper
400g penne pasta

Throw the bacon in a large fry pan and sizzle until crispy, adding the garlic at the end
Add white wine and reduce before adding the cream to simmer
While the sauce is simmering, pop the pasta and the broccoli into a pot of salted boiling water
Dollop the sweet chilli sauce or chilli jam into the cream sauce and continue simmering, tasting the sauce for seasoning
Drain the pasta when al dente and add to the pan of sauce, stirring until coated
Scatter the sliced spring onion on top and serve with garlic bread and a large hair of the dog!

If you’re feeling adventurous, or really hungry, add sliced chicken breast or a handful of prawns to the mix. Also – feel free to substitute spaghetti or fettuccine for the penne pasta – it’s whatever rocks your boat. I just find that penne works best for scooping up the delicious sauce.

This easy pasta dish will have you licking the bowl and coming back for seconds – guaranteed.


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