Growing chillies at home

ImageI recently ordered some tiny little seedlings (one yellow habenero chilli plant, and one green jalapeno chilli plant) from Potters Plants, who specialise in chilli and tomato plants. When these babies arrived in the post they were no more than a few centimetres tall.

Fast-forward to today, probably only four weeks later, and they’re strong and healthy chilli plants. All they seem to need is a sunny window-sill and a good drenching of water every morning and they just grow and grow.

I plan to use these chillis, once they grow and ripen, for my favourite hot chilli sauce recipe – Mr Q and I have dubbed it ‘Firkin Hot Sauce’ – I’ll post the recipe for this later in the week.

Do you have any home-grown ingredients that you use in your kitchen?


5 thoughts on “Growing chillies at home

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