London’s best coffee

Since arriving in London just over a year ago, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect coffee.

Back in Sydney, I was spoilt for choice with many specialist baristas operating cafes just a short stroll from my flat and also a lot of options around my workplace. I was never far from a fabulous flat white, or an espresso that really packed a punch.

However, now that my new home is Essex and my office is at Canary Wharf, I’m struggling to satisfy my daily caffeine craving. I’ve tried all the big coffee chains – Starbucks, Caffe Nero, Pret, more often than not I come away with a disappointing dirty puddle in a paper cup.

If I lived or worked closer to Central London, I’d frequent the lauded ‘Australia-trained’ Taylor St Baristas for my fix, but currently Pret can (if I ask for “a double-shot skim-milk flat white filled just over half-way”, please) almost recreate an acceptable coffee for an eye-watering £3.00.

Pret CoffeeWhere do you get your caffeine fix? Can you give me some hints on the best coffee in London?


5 thoughts on “London’s best coffee

  1. OMG Em, when I lived there 12 years ago I had the same problem. I would have thought it had improved! The ONLY place I found then was Bar Italia in Soho – and I used to go there every weekend for my fix. The only other places I found where random French bistro’s cos at least they do the odd decent coffee. All those coffee chains should hang their head. Its a disgrace!! At least Bar Italia is still there – http://www.baritaliasoho.co.uk/

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