Lemon drizzle muffins

Monday morning. That bolt back to reality after a long and lazy weekend.

The only thing that could possibly make a Monday worse is an office meeting before the morning espresso has kicked in. Fortunately, I work with a great bunch of folks and we’ve decided to roster a teammate per week to bake some goodies to brighten our morning catch-up. Guess who volunteered to go first?

I thought about baking a batch of my Anzac biscuits, but felt like trying something new instead. I’ve had a lot of success with my spinach, feta and tomato savoury muffin recipe lately so thought I’d have a go at something in a similar vein, but sweet.


Lemon Drizzle Muffins

4 lemons, zest only for the topping
50g icing sugar
1 lemon, juice only
2 eggs, beaten
90g caster sugar
250ml milk
100ml vegetable oil
300g plain flour
3tsp baking powder
half tsp salt

Mix the eggs, caster sugar, milk and vegetable oil in a large bowl.
Sift in flour, baking powder, salt and then add the lemon zest. Roughly mix.
Spoon into muffin tin and bake at 200c for 30-35 mins until well-risen and golden. Cool on a wire rack.
Mix together icing sugar and lemon and spoon over cooled muffins. Add a dusting of icing sugar to finish.

Lemon drizzle muffins

Lemon drizzle muffins freshly drizzled and dusted

Note: I used sunflower oil instead of vegetable oil as I’d forgotten to pick it up from Waitrose. I didn’t sift the flour because I’m lazy. Also, I added the zest of a lime to the mix for a bit of colour and zing.

The muffin mix only filled eight of the 12 muffin tins, I may have overfilled them, but I do like a good hefty muffin!


4 thoughts on “Lemon drizzle muffins

  1. The lemon drizzle muffins look fantastic and I am going to try the recipe with sunflower oil also. Thank you for sharing it!

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